BURN THE AILMENT was conceived in Dubuque, Iowa in 2005., when 12-year old Zach Rogerson and 13-year old Clint Benson discovered their shared passion for jamming Slipknot and Metallica songs.  
Within a year, they started their first band, adding Greg Mueller on drums in 2007. 
In 2009, they released their first demo . After a 4-year hiatus, Brandon Erickson joined as bassist and the band released an EP entitled "Trial by Fire" in 2015.  
Two years of writing and recording followed, and Pyriscence, their first full-length, was released in 2017.  
In 2018 they made one final line-up change: Brandyn Curran took over on drums.  
Thanks to more than a decade of experimenting,  Burn The Ailment's style has evolved into a distinctive blend of old-school and modern thrash.  Intense riffs paired with melodic lead work, simple yet poetic lyrics and mesmerizing solos create a cathartic experience for the listener. Burn The Ailment has discovered a sound that speaks to fans of all metal-from classic to modern.